RC Pro Racing Summer Sizzler July 26-27

Open practice. We will go controlled if necessary. Practice is from 8am to 8pm.

E-buggy practice 7AM
3 Rounds of qualifiers with resorts after each round.

Controlled practice from 7:30am – 10:30am
This will be held in 10 minute “heats” 

E-buggy practice 7AM
1 Round of Qualifying

Drivers meeting at 10:45am 

First round of qualifiers start at 11AM Sharp
4x 5minute qualifiers. There will be a reshuffle after EVERY round.
2 minute warm-up between rounds (1 minute may be called)

MARSHALING- After your run you will exit down the stairs to your left (while facing the track). I will have tables setup with numbers for your corresponding cars / radios. You are expected to drop your car and immediately return to your designated numbered turn marshal position which will be marked with cones. I WILL NOT call you to marshal. 
1st infraction- your FASTEST qualifying time will be marked as a DQ
2nd infraction- you will be DISQUALIFIED from the event completely.
If you have a substitute marshal it is still your responsibility for them to be out there. 
If for medical reasons you cannot marshal please inform me in private before the drivers meeting so we can get it situated.

Lipo bags are highly recommended. 
Drivers stand courtesy will be inforced, any yelling or arguing will result in a DQ for that round. Second offense will result in a DQ for the day.
If for any reason it carries over into the pits or outside during first offense or not you will escorted off the property and asked not to come back. This is a family event
No Drugs or alcohol allowed on the property. 

This race is receiving huge support. And we hope to keep it going. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please contact me in private to discuss them. My cell is on the flyer or you can PM me. 

1-3 in A mains

I am tossing around the idea with a few guys about doing a cookout saturday night at the track. I have a large pig cooker and we can put it to use if people want to stick around.

Thank you to our sponsors:
Boca Bearings